(Income tax filing for Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors and more.)

Whether you agree with it or not, taxes are part of our regular life! However, working with an experienced tax CPA can make a big difference in the amount of taxes you pay. Our business income tax CPA (Certified Public Accountant) will sit with you personally and will discuss the various alternatives available to properly plan, prepare and file your business taxes to arrive at the lowest amount of taxes possible.

All business entities and even high risk industries like these types are welcome. He will work with you personally each step of the way and will put our knowledge to work for you to make to make absolute sure that you pay the lease amount of taxes possible and to stay in compliance with the IRS rules and regulations.

We can plan, prepare and file all of the following type of business taxes:
•Corporate income taxes
(S-Corporation income taxes, C-Corporation income taxes and Nonprofit corporation income taxes)
•Partnership income taxes
•LLC (Limited Liability Company) income taxes
•Home based business income taxes
•Sole proprietorship income taxes
•Unfiled business income taxes
•Amended business income taxes
•Out of state business income taxes

More Details:

Out of state business income tax returns: If you moved to California from another state you may be subject to personal and business income taxes in your home state(s) as well as in the state of California. Let us prepare, plan for and file your Out of State business tax returns for all 50 states and you will pay the least amount of taxes possible.

Corporation tax returns: If you pick the proper Corporate tax structure, you can avoid being double taxed on your corporation's income. With different Corporate tax structures come different tax laws that may need to be customed to meet your needs. You should contact us as soon as you incorporate your business, so we can help you choose the corporate tax structure that best fits your needs.

Unfiled business income tax returns: Unlike individuals, Corporations and LLC are generally required to file a tax return even if it generated no revenue. If you have unfiled business tax returns, rest assured that we can help. We will gather and analyze all your tax information from the IRS and offer you a comprehensive solution to file and complete your unfiled tax returns.

Amended business income tax returns: After filing your business taxes, you may discover certain items that you should have included in your tax return or you may receive an IRS letter demanding that you correct your already filed tax returns. The error can be yours or can be your tax preparers. Let us analyze the situation and offer you an objective solution. Amended tax returns are not always the best solution, but at other times are the most reasonable solution.

LLC income tax returns: If you have created an LLC, be aware that your LLC can be taxed as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S Corporation or a C Corporation. Certainly, with each one of these different entities, the tax planning, preparation and filing process will will also differ. Call us as soon as you form your LLC, so we can help you choose the most beneficial LLC tax stucture for your LLC.

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