Besides personal and business income tax planning, preparation and filing, we can also save you time and money by providing you other business services.

We can provide you the following business services:

•Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping is essential to all businesses, especially those businesses that have a lot of activities (revenues and expenses). Bookkeeping eliminates the guess work that many business owners unfortunately go through at tax time. I am talking about guessing the all the numbers provided to the tax preparer at tax preparation time. This is very risky and can get you in a low of trouble in case of an audit. Bookkeepers can organize and record the activities of your business to provide your tax preparer the financial statements necessary to prepare and file your business tax return. We offer full service bookkeeping service and the bookkeeper's work gets overlooked by our tax-CPA to sure the bookkeeping gets recorded in the most beneficial structure for your business.

•Tax Audit Services
If you get audit by the IRS or receive an IRS tax audit letter, give us a call first. We will interpret the IRS letter, analyze your tax returns, prepare you for an audit and represent you in front of the IRS.

•Payroll Services
As an employer, you are responsible for withholding payroll taxes from your employees wages, preparing payroll tax returns and submitting the withheld payroll taxes to the various governmental agencies. The tax deadlines are strict and you want to have the work done right each time and everytime to avoid payroll tax penalties.

We will set up your payroll with the IRS and EDD and will accurately prepare your payroll each pay period. Remember, we are not a payroll company doing payroll, but a tax-CPA firm doing payroll, so we have comprehensive knowledge in all the areas of taxation and will use it for your benefit.

•Merchant Account Services
As a small business or retailer one of the most important aspects of your business will be the ability to accept payments in various forms. Our accounting firm is compatible with multiple processing networks including Crescent Credit Card Processing and PaymentSphere. With the public moving into a cashless society, accepting and processing credit card payments is a must. Fortunately we have partnered with industry leading service providers to help select the lowest cost tools you will need for your newly formed or established company to accept and process credit cards for all types of businesses.

•Sales Tax Calculation and Preparation Services
Generally, retailers and many other types of businesses are required to charge sales tax on top of the sale price of the merchandise sold. Then, a sales tax return will need to be filed and the sales taxes submitted to the various governmental agencies at various times during the year. The good news is that you can purchase those items you are going to resell without paying sales taxes and the sales taxes you charge can be tax deductable.

We will help you each step of the sales tax process from helping you obtain the resellers permit to avoid paying sales taxes on the items resold, determining which items are subject to sales taxes to preparing and filing your sales tax returns.

•DBA Filing Publishing
If you do not want to incorporate or form an LLC, but want to use a business name to do business, you must file for a DBA (doing business as) AKA Fictitious Business Name filing. If you already have a corporation or LLC, but want to use another name to do business, you can also file for a DBA under your corporation.

A DBA is not a separate entity and will not qualify you for the various corporation and LLC tax advantages, but can for a small cost allow you to use a business name to do business.

We can help you from the DBA name search to filing and publishing your DBA name for yourself or your corporation.

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